For a perfect piece of meat

Meat wholesaler Cis Van den Broeck is located in Minderhout, Hoogstraten.

From here we deliver fresh quality meat to butchers, catering, bakeries and private individuals throughout Belgium. Our specialty? Cutting and boning pork. So, do you care for a juicy piece of pork? Or rather a piece of beef, poultry or horsemeat?

Whatever you want, because with us, you know it’s fresh!

We can guarantee that because we cut our own carcasses, while paying close attention to all hygiene regulations.

In terms of transport only the best is good enough for us. Our fleet consists of refrigerated trucks with temperature registration, they guarantee quality transport. We deliver in, and outside of Belgium.

Expertise since 1972

In 1972 Emiel Van den Broeck started the business.  At that time The main activity was boning and cutting beef. Later the cutting of pigs was added. After 22 years, in 1994, son Cis Van den Broeck took over the business. With the same passion and activities he continued his father’s dedication.

Across borders

In 2006 we opened our second refrigerated warehouse where we can stock 3000 extra pallets. In 2015 PJ BVBA, a firm in Brussels, was included in our business as an expansion. We also started a department for beef in the Netherlands: Cis Van den Broeck Nederland.

3th generation

In July 2016 the third generation started working in the company. After the establishment of the company by Emiel Van den Broeck in 1972 and after 22 years of running the business, Emiel handed the company over to his son Cis. Cis was already waiting at the truck when he could only just walk, to ride along with his dad. Cis extended this meat wholesaler until is was a worldwide provider with satisfied clients all over the world. Gradually there was more room to provide for the cateringindustry and even private individuals. In 2016 the third generation entered the company, Cis’ second child starts working his way up from the lowest rung of the ladder, Seppe is currently working in production. 

Changes are on the way

Cis didn’t change a lot during the first years, until there were big changes in the meat industry in 1998. Cis saw an opportunity in those changes and used the time to start modernizing the business.

That’s why we built a new workspace with cold and freeze rooms in the year 2000.

Our company directly complied with all the requirements set up by the federal food agency in 1998. That’s the reason we got all necessary recognitions.

Since January 2003 we have been working completely according to the HACCP-norms and we have developed a waterproof system to guarantee the traceability of all our products.

Now, after 20 years of changes, the third generation, Seppe, is already working in the company.