If you want a quality sausage

Among the many delicious products at your bakery there are probably also sausage rolls. Hot or cold? Always delicious, especially with the perfect conserved and tasty sausages from Cis Van den Broeck!

Our pre-cooked sausages are the ideal product for your bakery. Our recipe is like the minced meat you remember from your grandmother’s kitchen: delicious, soft and smooth.

Don’t lose labourcosts on rolling sausages. Our sausages have a shelf life of 8 months at -18°C. They are all the same length, all the same weight. Thanks to that you get a fixed cost per roll.

We score the highest level on hygiene. That’s because the sausages are pre-cooked under the BRC & IFS certificate of Piet De Wit snacks (link: www.pietdewitsnacks.nl) who cooks and packages them for us.

Not only bakeries are unanimous in their positive feedback, the food agency FAVV is too.

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