The best meat on a serving tray

The customer is king and also eats like a king. Only the best is good enough. Meat of the highest grade, and always fresh, will make your mouth water.

Are you a chef or owner of a café or a restaurant? Choose quality. Choose Cis Van den Broeck, the well-known meat supplier for the hospitality industry.



Fresh meat for your restaurant


We already supply many restaurants and other businesses with fresh meat every week 

Straight out of our industrial butchery.

We cut our own pig carcasses or other meat-types (like cow, calf, lamb and chicken) on a big scale, without losing sight of the importance of quality.




Quality with long shelf life

To raise the shelf life of your quality meat, we offer different ways of packaging. The packaging has a label with the product, the ingredients and glutes/allergens. Are you convinced of the new way of packaging? 

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